Enrollment Process

Please follow the steps below and do NOT skip anything. It may seem like a long process, but we are committed to the integrity and heart of our school in selecting families to accept, and also want to do our best not to waste your time or ours if CCRS is not a good fit for you. We reserve the right to deny enrollment at any time during this process.

 1. Get to know our heart and vision!

Before ANYTHING else, take a few moments and read through our "Important Information" and "Tuition & Fees" sheets. We want to be completely upfront and make sure you know as much as possible before starting the process.

2. Fill out the inquiry form

This will get us some basic information about your family!  
Once we receive it, we will reach out to you with any further questions and to schedule a tour.

3.Tour/Interview at CCRS

Come and see our amazing school in action! You can choose to schedule a tour and interview at the same time, or just start with the tour. 
The interview will be the final step of the process and will include an in-depth meeting with the Principal and/or Assistant Principal.